The beauty of color…

There is just something about springtime and color that brings my soul a sense of hope. As I get a little older, I am 51 now, I find that pausing every day and noticing Spring buds’ progression, the way the grass greens up, how green onions sprout in odd places, and the smells of rain, cut grass, and spring flowers are all moments of awe and amazement for me! And it really is true that the birds will sing every morning. I really could put my alarm clock away this time of year!

This past Christmas, I gave a few of my tribe spring porch pots as gifts, and I placed an order for a few early Mother’s Day gifts. It was a gift that felt anti-climatic on paper in December. This weekend the gift produced the joy I hoped for. There is no greater joy than giving a gift that brings hope and beauty while supporting a small local business!

If you don’t have color in your yard or on your porch, I encourage you to find something that invites you to pause and remember the miracles of spring


Author: trishborgdorff

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