The taste of spring

I find it fascinating how warm 37 degrees feels during winter. The sun is out, the icicles are melting, and there are dangers of the black ice in the early morning and later evening.

Even my five-month-old puppy seems to sense the hope of Spring as grass peeked out from the snow piles along the sidewalk. Willa’s curiosity about green grass, mud, and mud puddles caused me to wonder if even our pets anticipate the change of season.

As I was driving today, I glanced upward, and my extra-large glass roof in my car was spattered with bird droppings. I caught my groan before it was fully expressed and thought, just another sign of spring.

I received a text recently that my friend and landscaper were ordering flowers for spring porch pots, and I felt my heart rise with hope.

Yes, it seems as if we are getting a taste of spring, as I saw two Robins this morning as well. It feels hopeful, and the reality quickly sobers me that March has a way of tormenting us with the taste of spring but can be slow on the delivery.

I will not yet hold my breath, but I will not give up hope. For of this, I am confident, Spring is coming, and in that, I find anticipation and delight!

Author: trishborgdorff

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