Do you have an Uncle Bob?

I have the privilege of working with aging individuals in my work at Visiting Angels. There are attributes to aging that I admire more all the time. Life is not simple, and aging can bring a new set of realities to everyday routines.

There are a few people who have modeled aging to me for whom I have great respect. My Dad and Mom are two of those, and the third would be Uncle Bob. There are others who I admire, and there just may a blog or two more about those who age well and continue to embrace God’s call in their lives.

Uncle Bob is 87 today. Life has not always been easy, and he can tell you stories of uncertain times in his life. But even when he shares those, there is a perspective he brings to the table about lessons learned or how he grew in the process. Uncle Bob is a storyteller and always has a joke or a perspective that makes you smile or laugh out loud.

Uncle Bob is a man who is committed to learning.

He is a student of scripture and spends time with other men of faith in the Word weekly.

He is a student of technology and has learned so much about email, online classes, live streaming worship, and games on the Ipad. He has acclimated to a smartphone and can answer his phone through his hearing aids. He doesn’t say I don’t know how, he says I will learn how.

He is a student of creative work in his carving. He loves to learn new techniques in carving and will practice until he has a completed project.

Uncle Bob is a lover of people and community:

He loves his Church community, the carvers and car club community, his Buist community (where he is a faithful volunteer), his family community (where immediate and inlaws are all embraced equally! Uncle Bob is faithful in his relationships.

Uncle Bob is a man with a grateful heart. He gives God the glory for all his blessings. He has a hospitable spirit and regularly prepares a meal and sets the table for a shared meal.

I hope you have an Uncle Bob in your life. I only knew him to be alongside Aunt Anita. Now that it has been almost six years since she passed away, I have grown in my deep love and appreciation for him in a new way. When he lost his bride, after caring for her so faithfully through her cancer journey, he could have hunkered down and lost zest for living, but Uncle Bob is committed to living life fully in action and attitudes, until his last breath.

I have bolded the words that represent some of who he is and who I hope to be. We don’t have to wait till 87 to be like Uncle Bob, but my hope and prayer is that I will remain like him when I am 87 and dealing with the complications of life and aging.

Happy Birthday! I love you, Uncle Bob. You have my whole heart. I am glad you live well, enjoy learning, share generously, and profoundly believe that life is a gift until Jesus calls you home!

Blessed be His Name!

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