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If you received an email about a Test blog earlier tonight, please know that was my error, and I was not hacked. I thought I was on a friend’s blog setting her up to go live, but when I got my alert that it posted, all I could do was groan and know that many of you may have received an email about a posted blog. 

I have been missing my Dad lately in more poignant ways. I feel like my body senses still when we enter March, April, and May that the memories still feel fresh. I know the date he had his seizure and the journey of those seven weeks from diagnosis to death. It will be three years this year. I am confident, now than ever, that time is an odd thing when reflecting on grief. 

But I share that only to give context to this. My Dad taught us a lot about showing up. My sister wrote his eulogy and these are some of her words:

I asked my siblings and nieces and nephew’s to spend some time reflecting on what Papa’s life taught them about who he was and who we are. What comes next is a compilation of seven  things we heard when we listened to how he  chose to live. 

Show up

Show up to church when your community gathers to worship. 

Show up for your friends when hard things happen. 

Show up for your family when they perform or play in a game or celebrate a milestone and lock their keys in their car again. 

He loved to solve our problems. If someone he liked were stirring the pot for a just cause, he would grab a spoon, show up and stir that pot with them. He was with us, and I dare say many of you, in real and tangible ways when we needed someone just like him to show up. 

My friend told me her word for the year is “show up.”

I had this come across my screen in 3 places this week:

And I am aware that during winter I feel a bit blah. It would be easy for me to find reasons not to show up right now. But in these odd ways, I am encouraged to stay the course, remain engaged with those around me, press on and be present and follow my Dad’s lead. 

My Dad’s life and death taught me that sometimes life changes quickly and unexpected things unfold. I want to live each day to the fullest. I want to make a difference in my world by showing up!

I wonder where you will show up this week and be glad you did?

Maybe because it will be good for your soul and perhaps because it will encourage another person, but most often, those two go hand in hand. 

Go and be present this week, trusting that what you bring is needed!

Blessed be His Name!


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  1. Thanks, Trish. Speaking of showing up, the last time I saw your dad was at a protest downtown. I think he said it was his first. He knew what was important to show up for. He showed up for me as a friend as well. Treasure all those dear memories and know his legacy lives on, in you, your family, and all those lives he touched. 💕

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