Family fun, snow and sun

I write a blog first and foremost to mark the journey of each day. There is goodness and hardship, laughter and tears, days of solid contentment and days of deep doubt. Everynday is marked with uniqueness and I don’t want to lose that beautiful reality.

Today was a day of beauty and joy. There will be more pictures than words. The title says it well. Family, fun, snow and sun. A day of playing and laughting, talking and being together.

I hope you have days like this to mark your week or month. I trust you also find ways to mark these extra ordinary moments.

It started in the quiet of the morning while taking Willa for a walk
Working together to prepare the ice for Kube, a great yard/ice game. Actually Isaiah and Sam did the work of preparing.
The winning team….intergenerational living at it’s best
two of the six wild turkeys who treked through snow in our yard to their destination
So much fun with these people

And such graitude for this home we can get away too for time spent with family in the snow and the sun!

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I am on a life long journey to live with integrity, honesty, kindness and full of grace.

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