How will COVID change the Church?

I wonder about this often?

I have been a life long member of the Christian Reformed Church.

There are many things about my Church that I hold dear and close to my heart. I feel hesitant to claim some things about my Church and even struggle with when is the right time to speak up. 

There are so many individuals from my Churches over the years who have shaped me, and I am grateful. For as long as I can remember, Church has been “done” the same way, for the most part. We did go from two services on a Sunday to one service. We have relaxed in what you are “expected” to wear. Coffee seems to have made its way into the sanctuaryPipe Organ Database | Geo. Kilgen & Son, Inc. (1927) First Christian  Reformed Church for some on Sunday mornings. There seems to be less expectation that the Church’s children will go to Sunday School. I am pretty sure the teenagers are not memorizing the catechism anymore. I miss the celebrations of Professions of Faith. I believe we have to talk more about living our faith as believers with adults and kids alike. 

I was privileged to serve as a Director of Children’s Ministry at a large Christian Reformed Church. I loved so much about my time at Sunshine. I was young and learning, but I am so grateful for what I learned about Worship and community and faith-building in those years. So many of those lessons are still deeply embedded in my heart today.

The church has left the building shirt, sweatshirt, hoodieThen COVID came and changed how we “did” Church. I love the shirt I saw that said The Church has left the buildingWe have had to consider who we are as a community of believers when we are not gathering on Sunday mornings. 

It seems that there is some hope that our Church will gather again in 2021. We have not been together in the building for almost a year. I am sure some people think that is awful. Still, as Church leadership, we agreed to follow our State leadership’s recommendations and only reconvene when permitted to do so. For us, that has been the right thing to do. 

Eastern Avenue CRC – Classis Grand Rapids EastAnd so now I wonder what is it that we should take away from our interruption of service. Should we resume as we were, or are we being called to something different? What might change if we were to consider this interruption as a gift to change things up? How would we restructure Worship and Gathering if we embrace the freedom that has come from “letting go” of our weekly rituals? 

I would like to hear from people near and far about how you envision the Church responding to this interruption of service. What do you think God may be calling us to do or be when we are a reconvened people? Somehow it doesn’t sit right with me that we would reconvene and carry on just as we did. So much has shaped us and changed us. It is my prayer that we live and converse honestly with one another about how that affects our local Churches as well. 

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One thought on “How will COVID change the Church?”

  1. Trish,
    Some years ago there was a proposal to make our services more attractive to the black community. This plan was adopted by the congregation. A member of the committee spoke prophetical to the pastor at the time that this plan would exist as long as he would stay. It did not even last that long, The head of SCORR was called in to advise us about it. He laughed at us and said unless we are willing to lose 85% of our congregation, we should not implement it.

    I think about that incident when I respond to your question. I happen to like “the way we have always done things.” I am open to change, but are we going to lose 85% of our congregation because of it. (Have we lost them already?) Change needs to come from leadership – at least leadership buy in. Leadership needs to hold the congregation together as we go through it.

    I do not have any ideas about how to make things different. I hope we take things slowly to see what works. No matter what this family remains a loyal member of the church and we will roll with whatever happens.
    Phil Quist

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