A little bit of Spring…

I am grateful that winter has been very mild so far. With almost no snow to speak of, how can it feel like winter has been forever long? I am starting to realize that it is not snow that I mind, but I struggle most with the lack of sunshine. 

So yesterday, when I heard Tulips were available, I set out to find some. It sounded like a lovely way to bring a little Spring to my world. I found a nice bouquet of 10, doubled it for extra pleasure, and headed home to enjoy them. 

As I got them set up in the water, I was sadly reminded that it is only mid-January and maybe my hope for beautiful tulips is premature. Somehow even the Tulips looked winter-weary on my counter.  I was disappointed and reminded myself that winter is winter and I can make it through.
I then added some nutrients to the water and headed to bed. 

This morning I woke up and felt sheer joy at the way my tulips came to life. They stood up and felt as if they were doing just what I hoped for. There is just something about the beauty and movement of tulips that remind me of warmth and sunshine. (Maybe it is all the Tulip Times I attended while living in Holland, Mi.)

Today I am grateful for the beauty that greeted me this morning. This winter seems as if flowers are speaking to me. I am in awe of the simplicity and beauty. I am struck by their very basic needs but their very predictable response as long as you are faithful in their care.

Today I am reminded that even in the gray of winter, beauty surrounds me. I want to open my eyes to that beauty every day this week, no matter how much the sun shines and no matter the season. Thank you, Jesus, for Tulips and gentle reminders of your goodness!

Blessed Be His Name, 



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