The time is now

I listened to Jemar Tisby tonight. He wrote the Color of Compromise and is a truth-teller. As he said, you may disagree with him, but he hopes his words cause people to think. He uses history to support what he is saying, and it is hard to not call it truth, as painful as it is.

There is so much that he said that I could reflect on: Complacency, the color of compromise, how we identify who we look up to, and so much more. But tonight, I am feeling like this question is powerful. I am struck by how resourceful we are in so many ways. We can solve so many problems. I have to believe there is truth to this. There is silence in our leadership in the Church about Race. It is time that we, as a community of believers, hang up the how and move into action. For such a time as this, God has called us to live at peace with our brothers and sisters. Let it be so and let it begin with me/us. There is work to be done.
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