I find myself often seeking the balance of looking back, living in the moment and looking forward to what is ahead. I don’t believe it is healthy to focus on only one but to find the balance of all three is a place I strive to be.

This week I am doing a lot of remembering and looking back. Last year, this was the last week of my Dad’s life. We didn’t know it, and even though he had some complex new health issues, he was told to live fully, and there was no reason to believe the end would be soon. He was told that two days before he died. And so last year at this time our focus was on living. We gathered often, we played lots of golf, we were trying to find our new normal.  We had no idea our lives would shift so suddenly within the week.

And yet, as I hold that space close to my heart this week, I find myself also holding such good memories of times we shared before my Dad’s seizure. Today on Facebook I am reminded that 3 years ago today we departed on our family adventure: The Kuborgdebos’ take Europe. Kuborgdebos is simply a few letters from every last name.

My parents both immigrated from The Netherlands, and we were able to share a fantastic time together as a family visiting the places of my parent’s childhood and hearing the stories and being together. It was a sweet and glorious time. We gathered each morning for devotions and singing led by different family members. We reflected together the last night about our week and the diverse ways our shared experiences impacted multiple generations was powerful.

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As I think about last year and I think about 3 years ago, I am so grateful for the life we lived with my Dad when he was here with us. My parents have modeled to us that living responsibly is important, but Living is also essential.

Tonight I am going to stop here with the sweetness of our Europe trip. It is the right place for my heart to be. I hope that you also have memories of the travels you have taken.

If you are wondering when to do something with those you love, begin to plan now. I believe the anticipation, the experience, and the memories are all equally valuable.

There is so much more to remember, both in sweetness and in sorrow, for I am grateful for a heart that can hold both.

Blessed Be His Name!

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