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I spent some time tonight looking through one of my collections. I have a stack of 9 MyIMG_4468 Social Books. Each one is a print out of my FB from every year. When my brother died in December of 2012, I became aware of how many people wrote such comforting thoughts on my Facebook. It was no longer about the cards you could read in the months ahead. I did not want to lose the words of so many that I IMG_7783.JPGknew and many I did not know but who knew Len.

Over the years I have taken time to look back and be comforted, to feel the embrace, to smile and weep and remember. The words of friends bring comfort and love, and it is all in My Social Book.

And there is always the delight of the birthday messages, the events in our family that are more precious when some are no longer with us. I have used Facebook as a space to remind my family and me of all we enjoy, when we laugh, when we cry, and what is important to us. So many many people interact with my FB in comments or thoughts, and I am able to enjoy and envision the faces of so many.

My Social Book is a collection of such goodness. It is a photo album, a journal, a gathering of goofy sayings that make me smile and so much fun to look at with the kids to remember what was important to them at different seasons of their life.

I just ordered this year, and I find myself waiting with anticipation, to sit by the fire and read the memories of the day of and the days after my Dad died. To read the words of those who knew him and shared stories of him. To feel the embrace of so many who offered comfort and kindness. When I think back, those days seem a bit like a blur of activity. I am a person who places deep value in community, and I cherish when others speak to my heart. I am grateful for the gift of Facebook and My Social Book and the ways that I can record the happenings of the Borgdorff Bunch.

Thank you to all who interact with my world via this blog or FB. (I also do print my blogs every year) Reviewing, cherishing and sharing all that is contained on these pages allows me some very sweet spaces of reflection.

Now, I will let you know that when ordering you can pick and choose what you print. I don’t publish every day that I worked out, and I don’t publish all the things that other people post. I do print my posts, and your comments, the photos, and your comments on the images. I choose a book that reflects real life and the journey of faith and hope that we walk each and every day, although undoubtedly as noticed when perusing, some days more fully than others!

I am thankful for Facebook and Word Press and the ways that technology has developed to bring about true treasures of documenting our family story in this small way. Thank you, friends and family, for your kind words, love, comfort and compassion offered via Facebook 6 years ago when Len died and more recently in the passing of my dear Dad. Those are two significant events that I cherish in My Social Book, but many other exchanges bring deep gratitude for your friendships as well. And as an added perk, I will always have the fun stories of everything my dear dog Dutch has eaten from my kitchen.


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  1. You are such a techie! This old lady is very impressed! We are driving home from Christmas in Florida! Just R and I with some dear friends who helped start Cleburne Bible 38 years ago! They spoiled us so good and we let them! Hope you and Dutchess have a fabulous 2019! Love and hugs and a hello to your mom, b

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