Before I am 80

14632986_10154679088387769_2424699178174935699_nMy Beppe was a reflective, reserved, quiet woman and this picture is celebrating her 80th birthday. One of the phrases we repeat straight from her passed down wisdom is “it will be better before your 80.”

I don’t know if this is a phrase that was heard all over Friesland and Sussex New Jersey or just in homes influenced by my Beppe, but it has stuck with me. Now of course I know it doesn’t apply to everything and today, I have a sense of relief when it does apply to me.

So this past weekend I woke up achy and with a headache. I didn’t feel awful and was debating about if I should push through or get checked out. After all one thing I was pretty sure of, was that it would be better before I am 80.

Due to the fact that this flu is highly contagious and easily spread, I work with seniors, and am anticipating an upcoming vacation I opted to get checked out at Urgent Care.

Let me say that the care I received was phenomenal, starting with solid affirmation for coming in. I didn’t even know yet if I was sick and the Nurse and Doc were affirming the steps I was taking just in case. Then when I tested positive, they were so good at prescribing what IMG_0548will aid me and telling me what to expect and so far on day 3, they have been right on. I am on the days where you just seem to sleep, wake up briefly, sleep some more and sleep all through the night along with a fluctuating fever. A side note is that these PJ’s that my parents gave me for Christmas are so very accurate this week!

I am grateful that for me Beppe is right again. I will be better before I am 80. But I am thinking of families who are dealing with the flu and are experiencing that it is life-threatening. If you suspect you might have caught the bug, get checked early and take the time you need to recover. It is the best thing you can do for yourself and for others. And this little video viewed my millions says it like it is and has a whole bunch of wisdom as well!

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  1. So sorry you got this flu Trish as it is a bad one! Hang in there sister! If you need anything and I can get it and bring it to you let me know! Like drugs, soup, etc. Hugs



  2. So sorry you got “caught”by the flu bug…occupational hazard I would say! The video is funny and informative. Thanks for sharing. We agree with your Beppe’s wisdom😱 You take care. We love you and just prayed for you! B and R Sent from my iPhone


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