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I started a journey about 12 weeks ago at Forest Hills Fit Body Boot Camp. It is a journey that is shaping my body, mind, heart and soul. I have become one of those people who works out first thing in the morning. That is new for me and something that still amazes me most mornings.  It is not just about the workout or the scale or getting it done. I am learning again, in a different way, who I am and what I can do. I am reminded that my strength, capacity and commitment are greater than I often believe.

I go to bed a bit earlier and I set my alarm for 440 every morning. I have learned that it is best if I just let my body lead once my alarm goes off. Once I am on the road I find myself feeling strong and determined. It is only in that short amount of time between getting up and getting in the car that I feel at risk for changing my mind and losing my focus.

visualizeeI am focusing on behaviors that will lead to  the changes I envision. I admit that visualization is not something I have practiced. before.  The practical side of me says it is what it is. But I received this email from my trainer and it has invited me to give this a try….

Now for 2016, I want you do something I believe is very powerful which is self-visualization.

I want you to visualize the person you want to become in 2016.

Literally I want you to visualize and feel what its like to be that person?

How is this person different than the person you are today.

Do this for 10-15 minutes.


Will it be easy? No

May it be uncomfortable to obtain? Yes

Will it require a lot of hard work? Yes

Are you willing to do what it takes to be that person? Only you can decide that.

And as I find myself visualizing the changes I desire I find that my heart feels hope..

I wonder what you might visualize for changes that you desire.

How I wish we could sit together and share a bit about the visions we hold I look forward to mine coming to be. How about you?

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