Tonight we had a Connections meeting. These meetings are a time for us to gather as Visiting Angels staff. We share honestly, laugh often, cry sometimes and marvel at the work God does through Visiting Angels of West Michigan.

It is not the obvious things that we talk about. It is the gray areas…

It is not the simple things we talk about, but the complexities…

It is not the things we are sure of that we discuss but the mysteries….

We talk about how we take what we are convicted of and committed to and carry that out in every home we enter…

Visiting Angels of West Michigan values people and understands that even in trusting a sovereign God, families can be complex, tomorrow can be uncertain and life can be confusing. At Visiting Angel’s we are commuted to walk along side every person (family) we serve and support them with compassionate care, honest conversation and an abundance of Grace”

And so tonight, I leave you with one of my favorites when it comes to entering someone else’s world. I invite you to consider the following about companioning and identify how you are doing and where you would like to try something new. What I love about the concept act of companioning is that I can commit to this in all of my relationships, those who are dearest to me and those I pass in the street…and everyone in between!

Companioning Is About…..Honoring the spirit ~

it is not about focusing on the intellect

Companioning Is About…..Curiosity ~

not about expertise

Companioning Is About…..Learning from others ~

it is not about teaching them

Companioning Is About…..Walking along side ~

it is not about leading

Companioning Is About…..Being still ~

it is not about frantic movement forward

Companioning Is About…..Discovering the gift of sacred silence ~

it is not about filling every painful moment with words

Companioning Is About…..Listening with the heart ~

it is not about analyzing with the head

Companioning Is About…..Bearing witness to the struggles of others ~

it is not about directing those struggles

Companioning Is About…..Being present to another person’s pain ~

it is not about taking away the pain

Companioning Is About…..Respecting disorder and confusion ~

it is not about imposing order and logic

Companioning Is About…..Going to the wilderness of the soul with another human being ~

it is not thinking you are responsible for finding the way out


Author: trishborgdorff

I am on a life long journey to live with integrity, honesty, kindness and full of grace.

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  1. Trish, I continued to be amazed at how on target you are in my day to day experiences. Sometimes, like this post, you address the very thing that I am facing. I’m so grateful for your gift of communication, your willingness and faithfulness in blogging. You continue to mentor me and speak volumes in my life. Sending hugs your way my Friend! Love, Rebecca

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