The power of “still”

This week I have been very aware of the word still….


Not still as in stillness, but still as in ongoing!

When I reviewed my texts this week, these are places I found the word still….

Praying still..

Hoping still…

Trusting still…

Curious still…

Believing still….

Weeping still….

Wondering still…

Celebrating still…

I believe that in the grief journey I have been traveling, I have been touched by those who remember that some things don’t just come and go….

I have learned about being with people in the “still….”

I believe it is a powerful small word that says things such as:

I have not forgotten…

My care has not ended….

My heart’s celebration has not ended…

I continue to feel your ache…

I am interested in knowing more….

I wonder where that small powerful word plays out in your own life or in how you care for others…

I am trusting still as my eyes still see double…

I am praying still for my own family and my friends who know grief day in and day out…

I am celebrating still  that my dear friends triplets are still in her womb at 27 weeks.

I hope that you allow your heart, compassion and care to be carried by the small and powerful STILL….

Live fully in the moment and remind yourself and others of the importance of STILL….

Author: trishborgdorff

I am on a life long journey to live with integrity, honesty, kindness and full of grace.

One thought on “The power of “still””

  1. Being “still” often gives way to so much more then we ever thought possible – we realize that in the letting go of the clatter and the clutter – peace finds a place to land. Thanks for the reminder that I am in a place that needs “still” .


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