Experience defining reality…

It has been a good day here in Louisiana…

This morning we all set off to roof a house. I could feel my anxiety start to climb..

I don’t really know how to roof a house and I do not like to climb.

I can lift heavy things, but I lack agility and I was hoping I would somehow find a place to offer something  meaningful.

Well, as I stood and waited and wondered I began to think about how my experience defines my reality. I have not had much experience roofing and so I must be realistic about what I can offer. My lack of experience combined with my fear made roofing an unlikely place to shine today. And so Laura and my Mom and I decided about 1 pm to head back to the warehouse. Much to our surprise, we ran into a woman from another work team who needed assistance staining floor boards to be laid in a home that was flooded during the hurricane. I felt confidence flood my soul. My sister and I used to make spice boards and stained lots of boards. My Mom refinished furniture regularly when we were growing up. Again I remembered how my experience shapes my reality. I happily stained floor boards for hours this afternoon.

I realized I had to be willing to walk away from where I wanted to be useful in order to find the place where I could be useful. It was a good lesson for today.

lighthouse frozenAnd as I write, my mind drifts tot hose at home who are dealing with bitter cold and lots and lots of snow.

I must say I hate to miss a good snow storm….

Well, tonight we are in a state of emergency here in Louisiana. They are expecting snow and ice and today they shared that it hasn’t really snowed here in 20+ years. He said we will see people taking video’s of the snow and grown ups will be making snowmen and throwing snow balls. The city has shut down for the next two days, schools are closed for the next two days, all overpasses will be closed and Highways will begin to shut down tomorrow. I watch in awe of a community that knows how to function in a hurricane and yet what seems minimal to us, causes a state of emergency. I am reminded again that our experience defines our reality.

I am praying for my friends, family, co-workers and clients at home who battle very cold days and treacherous travel with 12 to 18 inches of snow piled up. I am praying for the community (our team included) here who is expecting freezing rain, a few inches of snow and probable power outages.

I wonder if you consider the fact as you deal with friends and family that our experiences define our reality?

It helps to bring context to how we respond and understanding to things we may not understand.

And now we are going to hunker down on this 50 degree night and see just what it is like to experience a state of emergency in LaPlace, Louisiana.

Author: trishborgdorff

I am on a life long journey to live with integrity, honesty, kindness and full of grace.

2 thoughts on “Experience defining reality…”

  1. Your writing really spoke of – possibilities – imagining different – being open to something other then what was planned or anticipated – no matter where we are their are choices and challenges. Thanks for a different view……

  2. Trish – I love your insights. God has given you a great gift. Thanks for sharing. Have a good week. Aunt Shirley

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