Pruning produces good things….

Last week many of us spent the day in Detroit working alongside Marcia and the kids on outdoor yard projects. We experienced that many hands make light work and it is always such fun to see the progress that can be made in a few hours time. Today I spent a few hours with my Mom helping at my sister’s house. We have learned that certain tasks are just better when shared.  Today my Mom and I went to Muskegon and worked alongside Arlene and Ellie and the progress made was such fun to see.

I do not have such a green thumb and so I happily began cutting the fence cover. Over many years it appears that the fence has acquired coverings of weeds and leaves and branches and sticks…

I was amazed by the woven web that had climbed the fence over the years. I had never really thought of a stick being so pliable, but somehow, over the years, these branches wove themselves in and out and around the chain link fence. There was a moment I considered if this happened naturally or if someone had painstakingly woven this design…

photo (60)And as I considered the wonder of the work I was undoing, I began to think about where in my life I may be like the branch that presents strong but wraps myself around something that ultimately limits my freedom to grow.  I found myself somewhat aware that without some attention, this fence could be covered again in time.

I began to consider my thoughts and my actions…

I began to consider my sin and my fear….

I began to consider the gardeners in my life that have loved me enough to prune and untangle my twisted branches….

I found myself deep in thought as my hands worked to clear a significant section of fencing…

I am thankful that as I worked, God spoke to my heart about my own life and where I have been pruned or need pruning and spaces in my life I have been very honored to be a gardener. Both are very vulnerable and risky spaces, but both invite so much new growth to appear…

I am thankful for the spaces today where I worked alongside my family to clean up a fence and all that I learned in the process….

Author: trishborgdorff

I am on a life long journey to live with integrity, honesty, kindness and full of grace.

One thought on “Pruning produces good things….”

  1. So glad you are back! I love the analogy of the vine in the fence to the invisible walls and fences we put up for protection. Though they may have helped us to grow stronger in the moment they eventually hold us back. Thank you.


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