Three months ago….

IMG_2869It is hard to imagine that we are approaching the three-month mark since my brother’s death….

I still find myself counting the Sundays, remembering the 23rd, and feeling the urge to call him or check in….

In some sense I wish life would return to the before grief stage….

I also realize how much I am changed by the death of my brother, how much I experienced the kindness of others, how quickly my appreciation for my family was deepened, how intentional I have become about saying what needs to be said, how tender my heart feels as it goes from shattered to restored….

I believe that God knew my journey would include this major grief event….

I believe that God will provide me all I need as I continue the day-to-day journey of my life….

I believe that we all experience grief, loss and brokenness and through Len’s death, I am invited to connect more deeply with those who also have a story of loss….

It has been difficult to focus on my journey to wellness these past 3 months. I have resumed normal activities but find that I am still returning from mindless to mindful living….

I am committed to living honestly, healthy and well and that will only be done if I return fully to mindful living….

And so as each day comes and goes, as the tears flow and laughter resumes, in our remembering, reflecting and creating new memories…..

I know Len’s memory will never leave my heart ~ no matter how much time passes!

Author: trishborgdorff

I am on a life long journey to live with integrity, honesty, kindness and full of grace.

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  1. Yes, dear, I thought of the date as I travelled back from South Dakota yesterday afternoon.

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