United States Postal Service….

USPSI have a new love and appreciation for the United States Postal Service….

For many years I could have easily passed on the little bit of mail I received each day….

But since the day Len died, I have found great comfort in the wonderful deliveries to my mail box….

For the first few weeks there was an abundance of cards every day.

I found it to be such a sweet time in my sorrow to sit in my kitchen and slowly open each envelope…

The words on the cards, the assurance of prayers and love, the faces that I saw as I read the names, it all offered an embrace of my pain and injected love into my broken heart…

As the weeks have passed, the cards are fewer, but still, every few days, I am blessed with a card and I am surprised by a sense of relief that I feel when I sit and I open the card and read the kind words….

I believe the comfort comes in knowing that I do not walk this journey alone….

I believe the comfort comes in knowing others have journeyed grief and share that they understand…

I believe the comfort comes in knowing that in a card, in an envelope, in my mail box, by way of the United States Postal Service, I am assured of love and friendship….

I encourage you to utilize the old-fashioned way of communication and send a card to someone who is dear to your heart….

Join me in thankfulness for USPS and all who deliver hope and love every day to many in need!


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