The human heart…

There has been so much sadness with the Connecticut shootings….

I have had a keen awareness of the presence of violence which surrounds us every day…

I grow weary of media and social media’s attempts to lure people to a soap box…

I wonder how love and peace prevail when we seem to grow in anger, fear and anxiety….

I have found myself spending a good amount of my energy thinking through gun control, mental health and insurance for treatment…

My conclusion appears the same, no matter which option I consider, it doesn’t assure a different outcome to the problems we see growing around us.

Tonight I really appreciate this quote:

“Much has been said about mental health treatment and gun laws but there is another much more important area that has been neglected, the heart of man.” – Nathan Oppman

chose hope over fearI want to ensure I focus on the condition of my heart….

How am I dealing honestly with areas of sin in my life….

How am I nurturing kindness towards myself and others…

How am I living a life that communicates my values and beliefs without words…

How am I allowing my full range of God created emotions to be expressed, embraced and shared in mature and honoring ways….

I can not care for the hearts of all people, of that I am sure, but I can choose to ensure my heart is well-cared for and invite others to do the same!

Begin today…..




Author: trishborgdorff

I am on a life long journey to live with integrity, honesty, kindness and full of grace.

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