Healing takes time…

Tonight I am very aware that healing takes time…

I am dealing with Achilles tendon issues. My tendon is starting to tear away from my heel…

I have struggled with almost four months of increasing pain when walking…

Today I was told that healing from this type of injury could take six to nine months….

I am planning to participate in a mission trip to the Dominican in mid January, so pain-free walking feels critical….photo (42)

And so, today I chose to put my foot in an immobilizer and try to shorten the amount of time that healing might take…

I am hoping this choice might speed up healing and prevent any need for surgical repair…

And so I enter into a season of waiting…

Waiting for healing…

Time will tell and I trust that no matter what the outcome….waiting will bring growth!

I wonder what you are waiting on during this holiday season…

I wonder how you might be invited to grow in the waiting….

Time will tell…..

Author: trishborgdorff

I am on a life long journey to live with integrity, honesty, kindness and full of grace.

One thought on “Healing takes time…”

  1. Sweet Friend, I am waiting on Jesus’s return! Trish, the waiting room is the hardest room of all. I am sure you read the WAITING book I have in the Winston House when you were here. Years ago I wrote a poem with a different “take” on waiting. I hope it will encourage you at the special season on you wait on Jehovah Rapha, the ONE who heals. I love you and we will pray for you every day until you are healed. b


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