A captivating smile…

My nephew turns 9 today…


And without a doubt, when I think of this sweet boy, I think first of his smile…

I also think of his story….

How he was born in Haiti…

How he lived in the orphanage…

How he cried for days straight when we went to meet him…

How he came home and began to smile, and really has never stopped.

Jean Marc is a deep thinker, funny, compassionate, a natural gymnast, and loves one on one time.

He plays hard, laughs hard, sleeps hard and has a heart that is so tender towards the kids in Haiti….

Jean Marc is clear about his desire to adopt a boy from Haiti and tells me regularly how he will take his son to Disney for his birthday when he turns 7. He knows what house he wants to live in and as a kid who had a bit of a rough beginning, God has blessed him with the ability to have a dream and a vision!

Jean Marc is a fun cousin and is well-loved in the Borgdorff bunch. family photo

I often wonder what his life may have been like if he hadn’t been adopted and I quickly catch myself remembering what is important is that God selected him for our family. He has been adopted and he is very loved and deeply liked and enjoyed. I am thankful that this wonderful 9-year-old calls me Aunt Trish. I am thankful that this tender 9-year-old has a passion for life, laughter and loving others. I am thankful that this wonderful 9-year-old has the name of Borgdorff and is included in this wild and crazy bunch I call my family. I love you Jean Marc. You are one of a kind and a creative Jean Marc Borgdorffcreation of God.

Enjoy being 9 and never stop smiling!

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  1. Jean Marc is a very blessed young man to have an Aunt Trish!! Party for me this week. I love you. b

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