A very special moment…

Today is my 43rd birthday and I planned to have a wonderful day…

At the end of it, I can say it was filled with fun and celebration, but I am so thankful for a very special moment.

This morning we went to participate in my nieces profession of faith. Anne is 16, quiet, confident, beautiful and thinks and acts clearly.

As she stood in front of her church today, and in her quiet and calm way answered the questions asked of her about living a life of faith and being an active member of the church, I was overcome with gratitude. I have never birthed a child, but my heart loves my nieces and nephews as if I did. To hear Anne’s professions of faith, to watch her embrace her faith and to witness her courage as she lives her  faith out in the day-to-day, brought tears to my eyes and swelled my heart to almost bursting.

As I get older, I realize that gifts are wonderful and fun, I love the tangible gifts I received today, but the moments with those I love are one’s that will never fade or clutter. My heart grows with those special moments and today, on this my 43rd birthday, I am very thankful for the special moment of Anne’s profession of faith. I love that kid more than I ever thought possible.


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