Celebrating Noah Wyatt….

I love this kid…

He is talkative, charming, witty, smart, engaging, entertaining, persistent, athletic, compassionate, confident, goofy, competitive and so much more…

Noah is the second born of my oldest brother…

I love Noah’s ability to be comfortable in his own skin and I love how he has a way of being so Noah….

When he is being so Noah he makes me smile and shake my head at the same time. He has a twinkle in his eye and a grin on his face, but his heart is so tender….

Noah has a way of being in touch with another person’s interests and world….

He will offer to help, sit and converse, give a hug and an I love you and when I have been with Noah I am left admiring the amazing kid he is…

This sweet nephew of mine is 14 today (even though his Facebook says he is 107)….

He is a delightful son (his parents will say), an admired brother, a popular cousin, a fabulous friend and one of the best nephews….

He is a kid I will always love and long to spend time with….

He is a kid I will pray for till he really is 107….although that would make me 149….

He is a kid I wish you all knew, for he would make you smile from ear to ear and cause your heart to swell in delight.

I love you Noah Wyatt and marvel at God’s grand design of you. I am thankful he chose our family for you….

May this year be filled with wonder and delight, winning teams and high scoring games, laughter, love, not too many tears, growth in character, smarts, spirit and kindness and much laughter…

Love you much,

Aunt Trish

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