Hats off….

to all you parents out there.

Tonight I took Peter (age 7 /2), Isaiah (age 4 3/4) and Johanna (1 1/2) home so Suzi and Andy can paint their kitchen. I went the easy route and ordered pizza since by the time I was headed home from picking up Dutch at camp bow-wow,  they were declaring their hunger. As I drove home, they were talking about playing WII and watching Disney. I was thinking about what we could do that was non electronic. We got home and I quickly cleared off the table for our nice and hot Papa John’s pizza that showed up in the shortest time ever. The boys ate well and eagerly shared about their day. Johanna loves to share her food with Dutch and I am not sure which of those two had more pizza, but both were calm and content through dinner. Then it came to cleaning up, assisting with WII troubleshooting, responding to Dutch’s ring of the bell to beckon me to play fetch, Johanna’s sweet and lively requests to sing Wheels on the Bus and to be picked up and put down so she can touch your hair, find your neck and point to your elbows and touch your knees. In the meantime, Isaiah and Peter had a tiff of some sort, Johanna grunted and groaned in the corner, and dishes got done. (Thanks to Aunt Dot). I couldn’t believe it was only seven o clock. As I looked at myself, I was wearing my sweats, my work shirt, very non matching socks and a scarf. I looked hilarious. I thought to myself,  I am a working Aunt. I haven’t had a moment to complete one task for myself. And I did not have time to do anything about my funny looks then either. Quickly the night unfolded with bedtime routines (although I am not sure the teeth got brushed), reading books and snuggling, I realized I was exhausted and happy. I am not sure what I did all evening and what happened to the time between the end of the work day and bedtime for the kiddos, but I want to say,

hats off to all you parents who do this every day.

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  1. Thanks Trish! I not only admire other parents, but appreciate folks who take time to show love to my kids. You are a wonderful aunt. We’d love to have you for supper sometime if you are ever in the area. Just let us know.

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