I am just home from cousin camp…

It was memorable in so many ways…

But tonight, I am going to sleep with a grin as I think about my teenage nieces and nephews…

On the way to Canada two of my nieces wanted to switch from Beppe’s (my Mom) car to my car. They mentioned they wanted to listen to music. Beppe had mentioned what nice music they played for her. I learned later, they played every last hymn they have on their Ipod.

They just weren’t sure  their other songs were Beppe appropriate.

Today I had three other nieces riding with me and they kept skipping songs on the Ipod. I asked them why they had songs that they didn’t care for….

They kindly and ever so sweetly shared how they really love their music, but they aren’t sure if it is appropriate for me to hear the words….

I have to smile at the fact that they censor for Beppe but also for their Aunts.  I am somewhat thankful my younger sister (their youngest Aunt) was also “protected” by these kind-hearted children….

As I wrap this up, I want to let you know that I listened to some of the songs and found that the music they were concerned about really wasn’t so inappropriate (for Aunts or Beppe’s)…and we all sang along in the last hours home!

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