19 already….

While I was taking my 31 days of rest my oldest niece Janneke turned 19….

Janneke has always been a creative, joyful, musical kind of kid….

Janneke has always been engaging with her eyes, her personality and her conversation…

Janneke has always been gifted in drama and music….from Mary Poppins to Dr Seuss….using her gifts for entertainment and the arts and leading worship…

Janneke has always been passionate about travel and more in the last number of years, about Missions….

Janneke has never lacked in friendships, opinions, or the ability to have a conversation….

Janneke has taken big risks in the last 18 months, spending a semester in London England and Ghana.

Janneke has grown in her maturity, spirituality, understanding of herself and others. She has embraced a vision for the woman she wants to be and the impact she wants to have on her world. She has found a handsome, delightful, kind Englishman to be in relationship with for now (and maybe longer) and I can honestly say, Janneke Ruth, you make my heart proud!

Continue to live with boldness, kindness and delighting in the moment….

Continue to use the gifts God has given you to engage others and serve others….

Continue to deepen your faith, increase your capacity to love and always remember that Jesus is your Redeemer, Savior and Friend!

I love you tons and tons forever and ever Janneke Ruth….

May your 19th year be filled with wonder, delight, rest, risk, contentment and God’s presence, provision and protection!


Aunt Trish

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I am on a life long journey to live with integrity, honesty, kindness and full of grace.

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