Not easy but worth it…


I found this today and have to say that it resonates right now when I think of my wellness goals. I realize that after my surgery and recovery, it is time for me to focus in again and get serious. I have a few events coming up that I have set as my landmarks.

My Mom turns 70 in early October and we are planning to celebrate.

I would love to fit in my goal weight dress and wear it for the birthday happy hour.

We also will be celebrating with updated family pictures…

I would love to feel great about where I am at on my journey on that October Sunday….

I am planning to participate in a mission trip in early 2013. I have discovered flying to be a wonderful way to celebrate changes in my weight and measurements. It is pretty evident when sitting in an airplane seat if I have reached my goals…

I recognize that I am on a journey, and in some places, I have become comfortable in a place that used to feel amazing.

It is time to find that new amazing place again….

I wonder if you ever discovered a new place and celebrated and rested, and then realized there was more to strive for….

Well, let’s get moving and find that new amazing place to celebrate and rest again!