Refilling the shelves…

Somewhere in the creation of my being, I believe I got an extra dose of networking….

I love to identify a need and network a group of people to meet that need….

Now, as you well know, there are needs that surround us each and every day, but I believe there is also an abundance of people who are willing to help meet a need, if the need is clearly communicated.

And so, tonight I am here to clearly communicate a need, and to ask for the assistance of my readers.

My nephew’s attend Living Stone’s Academy. Living Stones has been instrumental in the young lives of Peter and Isaiah and I am thankful for a group of parents who are committed to doing Christian education in an affordable fashion.

“We are living stones called by God to restore and renew our community and world. We are an affordable, faith-based school in your neighborhood.”

“We will work together as a community to provide a transformational education by nurturing excellence, partnering in service, and radiating hope.”

And I love what Living Stones is about…the restore and renew. The affordable and faith-based. The working together as a community, transformational education, nurturing excellence and radiating hope…I love all of those very foundational principles…

And so, this is where I see a need for Living Stones this coming school year….

Living Stones  is renting a Grand Rapids Public School  building and they have taken all of the library books to use at another school building!

Do you have any books you could donate to refill the book shelves at Living Stones Academy?

Would you be willing to support the cause with a donation so books can be bought?

Would you join Living Stones in developing young readers….

“The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.” ― Dr. Seuss

If you would like to join in this venture, please send books or funds to

Living Stones Academy

1250 Sigsbee St SE

Grand Rapids, MI 49506


Visit the website where you can also make online donations

Living Stones Academy

Thank you for participating in this venture to refill the shelves…

Let’s see what we can do between now and August 15, 2012!

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