31 days of healing….

I am writing you today from my couch at home, two days post op from my hysterectomy.

I am way better than I imagined in every aspect compared to what I was expecting…

My history both with endometrisois and surgery and recovery have positioned me to prepare for the worst…

So far this journey is much different than expected…

Surgery was expected to be complicated, involved and lengthy…

It was straight forward and uneventful. My Doc said that was the surgery he dreaded for 14 years and it was anticlimactic. That was a shock to us all, but something we are grateful for!

I had prepared to stay up to five days in the hospital. It was great to sleep in my own bed after one night.

My body is not as sore as I expected, sleep is easier than I anticipated, my emotions are more erratic than I was prepared for and today I am finding that I am reevaluating what it looks like to recover…

I have to remind myself I had surgery and even with a positive outcome, healing takes time.

I have decided to establish 31 days of healing as I journey these days. I have already battled the demons of my mind wondering what I will do now that I am home….

During my 31 days of healing I am focusing on the following:

Nutrition, hydration, walking, reading, resting, reflecting….

I am not sure what this journey will look like or produce, but I can say that on day one,

I am hoping for a body that will be completely healed…

I am hoping for a soul that has rested beside the still waters and is fully restored…

I am hoping for an energy that is rearing to go and live the rest of the summer…

But for now, I am putting my feet up and taking a nap with my loyal companion Dutch at my feet….

It sure is good to be home!




Author: trishborgdorff

I am on a life long journey to live with integrity, honesty, kindness and full of grace.

2 thoughts on “31 days of healing….”

  1. Oh so very thankful surgery was better than expected and that you are home !!!! Wonderful news!!!! Take time to mourn and heal. Will be praying for you!!!


  2. glad to hear u r healing fast after not checking on u earlier as i better sister in law would have i decided to check this. technology is a trip! we love u and hope your 31 days treats you well!


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