Be Back Soon….

I have blogged every day since January 01, 2010. It has been a process of reflection, discipline, discovery and wonder.

I have been surprised at times at what thoughts come out of the tips of my fingers….

I have laughed and I have wept while writing…

I have wondered why anyone would read and I have been in awe of the support and affirmation from those of you who read my thoughts…

It has been my desire to invite you on a journey to my heart, hoping that in my writing, you will also journey closer to your own heart….

And yet as I anticipate surgery Thursday morning, I am realizing that there may will be an interruption in my blogging.

I thought about writing ahead or recruiting guest bloggers, but I realize that in this short season, the journey to my heart requires rest….

I don’t plan to be gone for long….

I don’t plan to stop thinking while I rest, and believe I will have much to write about as I allow many to support and love me in new ways…

And so, I am signing off and will write sporadically as healing, energy and time allows. I honestly believe I will have a lot of time, so who knows, maybe you will hear from me more than I think! 🙂

Thank you for being a reader of my blog….


Author: trishborgdorff

I am on a life long journey to live with integrity, honesty, kindness and full of grace.

One thought on “Be Back Soon….”

  1. Will miss your daily thoughts! They are always a blessing to read! Praying for you as you go into your surgery tomorrow… may God give you quick healing and patience with yourself.

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