Spring sights and smells….

I wonder if you have noticed the smells of spring, even in the cooler weather….

I wonder if you have heard the wind, the rain, felt the warmth of the sun, seen the beautiful sun rise and sun set on these spring days…

Tonight I realized that soon these days will be gone and the summer season will be upon us. There will be different sights and smells to delight in with summer….

But tonight I am marveling at two pictures I have from this week. Both seem to fully embody Spring!

I wish the smell of the lilac’s could come with this post….but I have not yet seen scratch and sniffs for blog posts! 🙂

And then as I was coming home for lunch the other day, I walked right up to my tree and snapped this picture. I think it may become one of my favorites.

I hope you are taking time to marvel at the smells, sounds and sights of spring….

I hope you are marveling at the beauty of nature, at the miracle of creation and at the presence of God….

Breathe deep and enjoy the smells, open your eyes and find the many hidden wonders and allow your senses to fully delight!



Author: trishborgdorff

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