Easter Dinner…

It was an unusual Easter Dinner, in that all of my siblings were with their in-laws. That makes for a very exciting Easter Dinner every other year. Today I enjoyed a quiet dinner with my parents, Aunt Anita and Uncle Bob, Aunt Wilma and Uncle Adrian, Aunt Dot and Grandma B. During the coffee hour I was tickled by the fact that here I sat with my parents and my extended family all having 30+ years of life on me and I enjoy the company fully.

Dinner was full of conversation and as I reflect I am grateful for the connection we enjoy. There was conversation of the varied sermons and views to the Resurrection story. I  listened to stories of my grandparents and we heard stories from the immigration journey, including how one little girl died on the boat en route and they stopped at night as this child was buried at sea. We spoke of cancer and hair growth, hope for the hurting and tender moments where honest reflection connected us all.

I am thankful for the quiet Easter dinner where I witnessed the rich heritage of faith in my family.

I am thankful to have worshiped this morning sitting between my 5 and 8-year-old nephews, sharing communion, and marveling at their understanding of Christ is Risen…Christ is Risen Indeed!

I am very aware of my faith tonight…

I am very aware of my heritage tonight…

I am very aware that I serve a risen savior and I am deeply grateful for Christ’s work on the cross and that His Resurrection offers me life!

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