For this child I prayed…

I am not pregnant and I am not adopting….but these are the words that resonate in my heart when I think of Andrew Scott Koster.

Andrew’s Mom is my co-worker and we have enjoyed working together for years, but Laura and I go way back.

When I was on staff at Sunshine Community Church as Director of Children’s Ministry, Laura was one of my Sunshine Kids. I often smile at God’s plan for life when I think of the days when Laura came to Gem’s and Sunday School. Laura is a reminder to me that many years have passed since my days at Sunshine. Today I know Laura as a skilled, compassionate, organized woman who has an incredible ability to think through process and procedure. Visiting Angels is successful today in a large part because of what Laura brings each and every day. I enjoyed Laura as a child, it was fun to get to know her again as a college student when she joined Visiting Angel’s as a caregiver, I believed in Laura as a Calvin grad when we invited her to join Visiting Angel’s office staff, and delighted in Laura’s journey when she married her husband Dave Koster. And now Laura and Dave welcome Andrew Scott, and I must say, although I have 14 children in my life who I love with all my being, Andrew Scott may be one I add to that number.

My love for Andrew began the day Laura came to share with Heather and I that she was expecting. I remember the excitement in my heart and different from with my sisters when they were pregnant,  I spent every work day with Laura during her pregnancy. I would pray at my desk for Baby K when Laura was battling nausea and when the doc would encourage her to eat more, drink more, with every kick we felt or saw and when “we” were anticipating the first ultra sound. In the last days there was some concern about Laura’s measurements, and I prayed with friends in China that God’s hand of protection would be on Dave and Laura and this little one.

. Heather and I would wait anxiously for every update during Laura’s labor and when we were invited, we were at the hospital in a flash. Meeting Andrew Scott was a moment of amazing joy, where my heart swelled and my eyes were moist with tears of gratitude. The miracle of life and the delightful journey for Laura and Dave is a wonderful journey to witness….

And so welcome to my world Andrew Scott. I am hopeful the Visiting Angel’s work setting will be an environment where you can come to work with your Mom and know that without a doubt, you are number one in your Dad and Mom’s heart. I am hopeful that every once in a while your Mom will pass you around and I will witness the miracle of life in your changing ways, both in growth and personality. I am hopeful that you will keep our hearts tender and our faith fresh!

Welcome to my world Andrew Scott. I love the parents God picked for you and I know they will love you well, nurture you, play with you, camp and hike with you, teach you, pray for you and with you and celebrate you.

Andrew, I will continue to pray for you. I will pray for you when you are small and growing, when you are healthy and well and when you are struggling with coughing or a stuffy nose, teething or an earache. I will pray that you sleep well, eat well and grow bigger, but not to fast. I will pray that you will grow into a little boy who loves Jesus, a young man who loves Jesus and a grown adult who loves Jesus…..

As I wrap up this blog about you Andrew, I am pretty sure there will be more to say in the coming weeks. Perhaps on your first day of work, we should mark that with a blog as well. But for now, know that you are a very loved little guy; by your Dad and Mom, your grandparents, your aunts, uncles and cousins, at least two dogs (Shelby and Dutch)….and a whole bunch of angels!

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  1. Yay! Congrats to Laura! I’m glad of the joy of another baby in this world. Please pass on my congratulations!!

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