Birthday Tributes….

I have been thinking about getting up to date on my birthday tributes.

When I was in China my nephew Andrew John celebrated his 15th birthday…

Andrew is a quiet kid, and most often wearing a smile. He is kind and respectful and a great conversationalist. I know that when I talk or Facebook chat with Andrew he will ask me questions about what is going on in my life. He is curious, compassionate, athletic and smart. Andrew is passionate about sports, especially football and wrestling. I enjoy watching Andrew compete, but I must say, he is always a winner in my book. He demonstrates leadership and sportsmanship and I know he gives it 150% when he is competing. 

Andrew John, happy 15th birthday. Can’t wait till you can drive and come for the weekend now and then. I am delighted to be your Aunt and am amazed how you adapt and adjust to all life brings you. I am proud of you and will love you always!

And not far behind is Ellie. Ellie turned 12 years old today. Ellie is full of life and lives a life of adventure. She would choose to be outdoors with the horses or almost any animal over being inside. Ellie is sensitive and compassionate, has a heart for others and loves to help out (with cooking, cleaning, dog training or anything else that needs to be done!) Ellie’s social life is nicely developing and her desire for her own phone has growing urgency. I love overnight visits with Ellie as she offers to organize my room and finds a creative spot for every small item. Ellie is creative and unique, willing to venture into most anything and able to make a friend with anyone she makes eye contact with. I love you Ellie Grace! I love your smile, the twinkle in your eyes, your giggle and your thoughts. I enjoy spending time with you and hearing your thoughts. I hope you never stop coming over and hanging out. Keep the song in your heart and the joy in your step! I thank God for choosing me to be your Aunt!

Love you both and eager for our next occasion to gather. I hope each and every day is filled with friends and family, laughter and love, rest and excitement and a clear reminder of God’s presence in your lives! Go and make a difference in your worlds!


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