10,000 step challenge….

Three weeks from today, January 29, I will be settling in for my first night at U1st Fitness in Sugar Land Texas. I met my dear friend O’Neil in November of 2010. He has been a great encouragement to me to stay focused and continue to pursue my wellness journey.

You can visit the U1st website at http://u1stfitness.com/index.html to learn more about it, but the following is a bit of how U1st Fitness came to be. “O’Neal Hampton and Cherita Andrews both former contestants on Season 9 of NBC’s top rated show “The Biggest Loser” have joined forces to create a fitness experience that’s not just about losing weight but about gaining life. The life changing journey that O’Neal and Cherita began 2 years ago ignited a passion in both to help people realize the same “new beginning” they did. Out of that passion U 1st Fitness was born.”

But I must say that I have a pretty good perspective on wellness by now. I know that one week out of 52 will not make me successful in my goals. My success will come from being faithful every day of every week of the year in my diet, exercise and sleep routines. So, why do I go? I do believe it will remind me what I am made of and that I have what it takes to reach my goals. It will give me a community of support and expertise and I know for sure that one week WILL expand my world.

And so as I thought about what am I doing to prepare in these coming weeks, I realized that I hadn’t really set my challenge goal for the year yet. Well, not until today. I am committing to 10,000 steps every day for 2012. In order to achieve this goal, I will be required to set some new habits. I find that I am enjoying strength training more than cardio workouts and I need to keep my feet moving every day, without excuse.

And so, every day I will wear my Fitbit (http://www.fitbit.com/home) and count my steps and commit to hitting 10,000 before I sleep every night. I have a routine of settling in and blogging and that now feels like my routine. I am ready for a new challenge. Will I make it for 365 days straight, that is yet to be known. I want to set a high goal for myself and have grace for myself if there is a day or two or three that I don’t achieve my goal for good reason. It is less about if I make the mark and more that hitting 10,000 steps will come as naturally as a daily blog!

Why don’t you order up a Fit Bit or pick up a pedometer and join me in the challenge.It is a great activity towards a successful PhD. http://trishborgdorff.com/2012/01/05/

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I am on a life long journey to live with integrity, honesty, kindness and full of grace.

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  1. Awesome Trish! I just bought a fitbit ultra and can’t wait. I am also so excited to learn of your experience at U 1st Fitness. You are a rock star. Way to push forward to the ultimate goal. Best of luck in the 10,000 step challenge. When I get my fitbit I will email you and walk 10,000 with you that day. Perhaps not every day.

    Hugs! Thanks for the inspiration, yet again.

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