Christmas Traditions…

Arlene and I were out picking up a few things from the store yesterday and we got to talking about the fun of our family traditions…

I am going to highlight just two of them in this post.

We have been blessed with a number of kids all about the same age. It goes like this….18, 17, 15, 14, 14, 13, 13 13, 13, 11, 8, 8, 5, 2 . Now, I have to say, that today this isn’t such a bad mix at all. As a matter of fact, today, this is a wonderful mix. But, about ten years ago, this was somewhat chaotic. So we started a tradition way back then. I began to write clues for Christmas.

Papa has always been the clue reader and I have been the clue writer. The kids all sit in the middle of the living room and listen with great anticipation to see if the clue just might select them in or count them out. Whoever the lucky one is, comes to the gift chair and opens their gift while all of us eagerly watch for the grins and giggles that always ensue!

This gift is for you if…

You play or have played an instrument (whoever this is true for stands up)

You have your own FB account (a few more sit down)

Your Facebook Info reads: I am funky and outgoing and love to wear really bright clothing. (and in the end Karolyn is the last one standing!)


This gift is for you if…

You have a spring or summer birthday

If you total the digits of your age, they equal Isaiah’s age – 1

Janneke is living in your birth country (Clearly a Ryan gift)

And so the process goes. Each child receives three gifts and so this requires 126 clues. I can tell you this, Christmas clues is worth every ounce of energy and time it takes. It is a tradition I believe will go on from generation to generation!

And then after the kids gifts, we take a break and then meet again in the living with the adults. For these gifts we draw names, have a fifty dollar limit and must present the gift with a poem. Let me share a flavor of the poetry we write.

Dan DeKam you’re a real mans man

of hunting and fishing you’re a big fan

it’s been said you’re not very refined

your knowledge of modern technology is very behind

so with this gift, i hope you soon flourish

and your continuing education, I hope to nourish!


To Len and Nick a Christmas Rhyme

After the names were chosen

And the hat was put away

The DeKams were thrilled to discover

They had Len and Nick, oh happy day!

They were however soon to learn

The trials this would bring

They discussed, they looked, they argued, they thought

About many a many a thing.

And then it occurred to Dan

These boys are both bitchin

When it comes to the kitchen

So, off to the cheese lady we went

A store that really cuts it

She has lots of kitchen toys

And other kinds of sh*t

Dan wanted to buy them spatulas

because he thought it rhymed with flatulence

so another argument ensued Oi Vey this was causing such a feud

But then Aha, some EVOO (extra virgin olive oil)

and flavors so divine

those bitchin kitchen bros

will cook up something fine

And so this story ends quite nice

The marriage is intact

The cheese lady is richer

And the boys, no oil lack!

And so poems is a tradition as is drawing names, but in such a delightful fashion, I can add an evening of laughter is a tradition that will continue for many more years, of that I am sure!

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  1. Andrew and Ryan wrote us a Christmas poem this year! We should consider having the kids’ one gift to each other also include a poem!

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