And just that quickly….

Christmas is over…

It feels odd tonight to know that come tomorrow the Christmas songs will be off the radio and tonight Valentines decor is already up at Meijer. Just that quick, Christmas is over. For the last four weeks I have been thinking about each person in my family and coming up with options of gifts that might bring them joy and delight. I have enjoyed the shopping and writing of clues. I have enjoyed giving and been very loved in the gifts I have received. My family experienced a wonderful family time with very few, if any, moments of relational tension. I am thankful and Christmas 2011 was wonderful…

And just that quickly, Christmas is over….

Tomorrow I will put the paper away and pack up the decorations. I will marvel at the reality that there was not a bit of snow (well, not much at all) this Christmas season. I am sure it is coming, but to be at the end of December and have sunshine and green grass, is another reality that brings me great joy!

And just that quickly…Christmas is over!

And I begin to think about the phrase, it is Christmas every day. I begin to wonder what it would be to carry Christmas with me every day. Is it keeping the freshness and the wonder of Jesus birth in my mind and heart or perhaps it is carrying extra grace for the people who irritate me? Is it practicing generosity in ways every day that seems easier to do at Christmas or is it taking time to enjoy time with friends and family, sharing a cup of tea or a glass of wine? Perhaps it is setting a Pandora Christmas station with the songs that remind me of the miracle of Christmas….

I am guessing there is something I can do to carry Christmas with me in the day-to-day. I am going to really give this some thought in the coming week and welcome your thoughts.

What would it be for you to carry Christmas with you everyday?

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