A simple life…

I often pray for a simple life, desire a simple life,  and talk about this simple life with others…

And yet, I find that it is also my choices that prohibit me from finding this that I so crave…

I have been reminded of that so wonderfully during these last few days of travel. I do believe that my blessed Iphone is one of those blessings and curses. I turned my phone off as I boarded the plane Thursday night. I have used the computer to check in each night before sleep and find that not being connected to Facebook and email all day really does allow me to enjoy life differently.

Now, when I am home, of course there is a different need for some connection, but I also realize that I have choices about how I live when I am going on about my day-to-day. I am not sure what living simply and living well will always look like or that it can be a structured decision, but I am aware I can make different choices that will facilitate that simple living lifestyle…

And so, as I take a new awareness home from England of life without my phone.  I am committed to taking a close look at where I am standing as a roadblock to how I am seeking to live.  (and am even bold enough to pray for!)

I wonder if you see any behaviors in your life that are counter productive to the life you desire. I have my 2012 vision and goals started. Anyone want to join me in living intentionally from 2012 forward….(not that you can’t start right now if you prefer!)

Live simply and live well!


Author: trishborgdorff

I am on a life long journey to live with integrity, honesty, kindness and full of grace.

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