Big Blue…

I wanted to share a picture of Big Blue, the 60 foot spruce pine in my front yard. I have to admit that I can feel a bit scroogey because I just do not decorate for the holidays. I enjoy Christmas with my family at my parents home, Christmas with my sister and brother-in-law and their five kids at their home, Christmas with my Sister and Brother in law and their three kids at their home and the Visiting Angels office  is wonderfully decorated for the holidays. When I think of all the different places I experience Christmas, I really don’t feel any sadness that I don’t decorate my home.

That is until I drive down my street and see the soft glow of Christmas lights in every home I drive by. All of a sudden, my house seems dark, empty and maybe even a bit lonely.

And so a few years back, I got this wild idea of lighting my outdoor Christmas tree. I have a neighbor who makes a living climbing trees and he has been a wonderful neighbor. I provide 350 feet of lighting and he comes with his ropes and climbing equipment and in a few hours, my house has some sense that a scrooge does not live at this address. And perhaps what I love the most is that Big Blue can stay lit for a good part of the winter. And I am hoping that very soon (come spring) I will say, it is time for the lights to come down…and it seems like just yesterday that those lights went up!

If you are not one of those people who adores this holiday season, I hope you have something around your home that reminds you that you are not a scrooge. I am praying that hope, joy, laughter and peace will surround you and yours this Christmas season.



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