Jean Marc….

Today I am celebrating the birth of my nephew, Jean Marc Borgdorff. Jean Marc is the kind of kid that lives life fully at age 8….

It feels as if a picture alone may help you see the sparkle in his eye and passion in his heart. I wonder if you can see how his eye’s changed after he was embraced by a family who adores him!

Jean Marc was born in Haiti and joined the Borgdorff family just before his second birthday. He was left at the orphanage with his older sister Sonta. I know that in the time he lived at the orphanage Sonta speaks of how she would go and check on him at night in the baby room and make sure he was ok. The staff called on her if Jean Marc was crying and even in the absence of his parents, Jean Marc was deeply loved by his sister. That bond remains today. He now shares that strong relationship with Olivia and Noah as well.

Jean Marc is a funny, smart, caring, witty, sensitive, creative 8-year-old. He knows how to dance and has been often refereed to by Noah as a pebble star, but sure to grow into a rock star! 🙂

Jean Marc has an incredible memory of words spoken and experiences shared. He reminds me often of what I have said and remembers where he left that little green car, even if months have passed. I am grateful for his clear and crisp memory, because then he is sure to remember how many times we say we love him!

Jean Marc has experienced a life time of experiences in his short seven years. He knows what it is to be born, loved, abandoned and loved again. He knows the ache of much and the joy of more. He has tears that flow freely and laughter that escapes from his belly and eyes. He is a delight and I am so grateful to God for choosing our family to be Jean Marc’s family. I admire Len and Marcia for choosing to adopt Sonta and Jean Marc, allowing a brother and sister to stay together and expand their family in more ways than just the number of people who live under their roof.

Jean Marc, I love you so much and hope this 8th year is filled with lots of laughter, play and wonderful adventures. I love the way you live life and love people. We can all learn a bunch from you!

All my love coming your way,

Aunt Trish

PS. And in light of this time sensitive post, I will write more about my tapestry for tomorrow’s blog, as promised last night, for today’s blog!

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