My birthday…

I have a post that I planned to write tonight. It is about the story of my tapestry. The tapestry theme has really come alive in this past year. Even as I read the wonderful birthday wishes on my Facebook wall, I envision the faces and reflect on how our stories have crossed. As I enjoyed the faces of friends and family today at my surprise open house and felt the hugs of those who love me, I feel deep joy for those who have woven their being into my tapestry.

But at the end of a full and wonderful day, I am going to write more about my Tapestry tomorrow.

At the end of a long and wonderful day, I am going to simply marvel at the beauty…

At the end of a long and wonderful day,  I am going to close my eyes and rest while my heart is overflowing because I was loved and celebrated well today.

I am thankful and full of gratitude and tomorrow I will tell you more about my tapestry and what I hope for in this coming year.

Thank you to all who loved and celebrated me today. It is my hope I will be able to return the favor to you in the coming year!


Author: trishborgdorff

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