Welcome to our family….

Tonight Arlene and Dan, my Dad and Mom and Aunt Dot and I went to the airport to welcome Zhenhua Ji to our extended family for the next ten months. Zhenhua joins the DeKam household. She comes from a home in China where she is an only child to a home with four sisters and one brother. I know very little about her but I can feel my heart already embracing her. She looked a bit lost and weary when she came down the corrider, but the smile she beamed when she saw Arlene with her name on a piece of paper and the hugs she offered and the way she held her flowers near to her heart….I think she will fit right in.

We all smile when we think about the crazy life that already unfolds at the DeKams on a daily basis. A family with an 18-year-old, 17-year-old, 15-year-old, 13-year-old and 11-year-old is already busy. Between work and school and sports and friends and two working parents, where will one more child fit in….

What I admire so much in Arlene and Dan is that they don’t worry about that. Life is full and their home is full of life. They look forward to all they can offer Zhenhua and are ready to grow and learn through what Zhenhua will bring to their home and family.

Welcome to our family Zhenhua.

We are delighted you are here!

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  1. one of our students just came yesterday – also from China. Our other returning ‘son’ comes this Thursday! It is such a rewarding experience to host a student! Where will this girl go to school?

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