The Lord God made them all….

Today this song has been playing in the background of my thoughts…

It started this morning when I opened the door to let Dutch out, in the dark, and I hoped and prayed she would not encounter a skunk…she did once and the smell that came into the house after she had been sprayed was enough to burn the inside of my nose. Every dark morning since then that I let Dutch out, I feel a sense of relief when she smells normal entering the house….

And yet, when I think of the skunk, the truth is “the Lord God made them all….”

Last week my sister Suzi encountered bats in their home. The story was thrilling and a bit entertaining as I listened. I was grateful not to have a big ol house. Then Sunday night I brought my niece home to tuck her in bed and flying in the living room was a bat. I scooped Johanna up and headed out the door. Tonight I learned my friends had a bat in Alger Heights. So much for the big ol house theory. I hope I never encounter a bat in my house…

And yet, when I think of the bat, the truth is “the Lord God made them all….”

And tonight I was bringing some trash to the dumpster at the office. I saw something moving in the corner of my eye. I turned and looking at me was a rat. I had flashes of memory that Suzi and Andy used to have a rat that lived OUTSIDE their home and the kids named him Nathan. Once they had named him, I was less intimidated by the idea of a rat. I wondered if this was Nathan? As he stared at me, the song came back…

And yet, when I think of the rat, the truth is “the Lord God made them all….”

And so tonight, I am hoping my dreams are filled with fairies and sugar plums….

But rest assured, of this I am confident:

All things bright and beautiful,
All creatures great and small,
All things wise and wonderful,
The Lord God made them all.



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