What stands in your way to success….

‎”Success finds a way; failure finds an excuse”

I have found myself thinking on this quote for the last few days.

Is it really that simple?

July has been a hard month to stick to my goals. I have struggled with a kidney stone and bladder infection, traveled two weekends, hosted cousin camp one weekend and during the week have been busy with good middle of summer events.

What I have realized is that when my life is very structured, I can stick to a plan, but when the plan doesn’t go as I have planned (or even if I haven’t planned for what I know is upcoming), I feel quite prone to wander…

It is discouraging to realize that my commitment to wellness is not rooted deeper…

But, tomorrow is a new day and I have a saying, once i can name it, I can’t claim it. It is time to move beyond what I know and let those roots continue to grow deeper….

So I am committing to no distraction from my goals for August. I have goals that include how much water to drink, how much protein, fats and carbs to eat, how much to lift weights, do cardio, and how much to rest. I want to live a life that is about wellness and enjoyment….balance and relationships….I want to live fully alive!

If you want to join me, find my No distraction from my goals page on Facebook. No Facebook stalkers here. This is an accountability page that will invite you to share your goals. They may be about health or productivity or relationships or rest. For some you may want to walk 1 mile every day in August, someone else may be working to save money or pay off debt. I am all about setting a goal, making a plan, getting to work, sticking to it and reaching your goal. I don’t want to be a stagnant person. I want to live with others who encourage me and I can encourage to reach their full potential. I can not control the numbers on the scale and I will not allow myself to be held hostage by them. I can control my choices and when I make optimum choices, I can assure you of this, the numbers and many other things in my well-being improve.

Dream today about what you would like to see different in the month of August and ongoing….let’s be people who are all about success instead of excuses!


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