How are you feeling….

Fine is often quickly given and received….

What if we really took time to offer an answer that aligned with one of the many feelings that flow through us in a day.

I often consider my nieces and nephews when they are in the two-year old range. How they can live through such a myriad of emotion in such a short time.

To go from giggles to wails….

To go from running in play to resting in a secure hug and hold….

To go from full dependence and accepting of help to a “me do it” attitude which screams out a desire for independence….

to live so freely in the full range of emotions….

But then something happens….we grow up and learn the word FINE.

I would like to invite you to consider some new words to share the feelings of your heart….

Just in case you’re not sure what your options are…..I will leave you with some options!

Feeling Words

Loving Understanding Joyous Playful Calm Concerned Eager Sure Considerate confident Fortunate Courageous Peaceful Affected Intent Certain

Affectionate Reliable Delighted Energetic At Ease Fascinated Anxious Unique Sensitive Easy Overjoyed Liberated Comfortable Intrigued Inspired Dynamic

Tender Amazed Gleeful Optimistic Pleased Encouraged Absorbed Determined Tenacious Devoted Free Thankful Provocative Clever Inquisitive Excited Hardy

Attracted Sympathetic Important Impulsive Surprised Nosy Enthusiastic Secure Passionate Interested Festive Giddy Content Snoopy Bold Empowered

Admiration Ecstatic Animated Quiet Engrossed Brave Ambitious Warm Receptive Satisfied Spirited Relaxed

Intense Daring Powerful Touched Accepting Glad Thrilled Serene Curious Challenged confident Sympathy Kind Cheerful Wonderful Free and Easy Friendly Optimistic Bold

Close Amiable Sunny Generous Bright Caring Re-enforced Determined Loved Appreciative Elated Goofy Blessed Comforted Jubilant Reassured Hopeful Irritated Lousy Upset

Incapable Insensitive Fearful Crushed Tearful Enraged Disappointed Doubtful Alone Dull Tormented Sorrowful

Hostile Discouraged Uncertain Paralyzed Nonchalant Suspicious Deprived Pained Sore Ashamed Indecisive Fatigued Neutral Alarmed Tortured Grieved

Annoyed Powerless Perplexed Useless Reserved Panic Dejected Desolate Upset Diminished Embarrassed Inferior Weary Nervous Rejected Desperate

Bitter Guilty Hesitant Vulnerable Bored Scared Injured Unhappy Aggressive Shy Empty Preoccupied Worried Offended Lonely

Resentful Miserable Disillusioned Forced Cold Frightened Afflicted Mournful  Disgusting Unbelieving Hesitant Disinterested Timid Aching Dismayed

Provoked Terrible Skeptical Despair Lifeless Shaky Victimized Hurt Infuriated In Despair Distrustful Frustrated Numb Restless Heartbroken Weary

Cross Sulky Lost Distressed Out of It Doubtful Appalled Broken Worked up Unsure Woeful Tired Threatened Humiliated Boiling Flat Pessimistic

In a Stew Stuck Quaking Wronged Fuming Tense Dominated Wary Alienated

Author: trishborgdorff

I am on a life long journey to live with integrity, honesty, kindness and full of grace.

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