Totally relaxed…

I had a very interesting day.

I learned some things about how my brain works by participating in an assessment at Neurocore.

Neurocore’s by-line is 

I learned some interesting things about how my brain waves flow and how that has shaped my thoughts and behaviors…

I am absorbing the information and making a plan….it all feels very hopeful!

The ironic thing is that the picture of my brain waves shows me that my brain rests very little. (likely not a surprise to those of you who know me well). I have learned and am thankful for how I have functioned over the years, but I am hopeful that reaching my brain balance and seeking my optimum functioning, will continue to allow me to reach my wellness goals.

And so, even with this information to mull over and consider, I had a massage tonight that put my body into a state of total relaxation. I drifted and snoozed and felt totally relaxed. I am grateful for information and science and amazing opportunities which help me to reach my full potential AND I am thankful for relaxing quiet spaces that allow me to rest and renew and enjoy….

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