The Journey Weekend begins…

I am mostly moved in to my room at Maranatha in Muskegon, Michigan until next Saturday. It is a place I have visited often and it feels a bit like coming home. The leaders for The Journey retreat come from all over the United States and there is a lot of hugging and reconnecting and I know that this community of people are people who will love me well this week and challenge me to grow.

Tonight in our small group we had to answer the question how has the Lord been working in your life the last six months?

I knew that for me it continues to be in the distinction to focus on wellness instead of weight loss. I remember when my focus was primarily on the scale and I could easily feel discouraged. As I committed to a life style change and focused on wellness, I have been faced with the reality that this journey to wellness is a journey of sacrifice. There is much I have had (continue to) change and I still am faced with many decisions every day as I seek to develop new habits and routines.

During the last 7 months, I am grateful to say I have shrunk in size and grown in faith. I seem to be more in tune with my own longing to hear and know God and I am taking new risks in my faith life as well. I am thankful that the question asked in small group tonight was not difficult for me to engage in. I know there have been seasons in my life where I would need to dig deep or try to make up an answer of how the Lord has been working….today I can say He is working and He isn’t finished with me yet!

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