Distracted and dangerous…

Tonight I learned of yet another tragic accident. I am pretty sure the 38-year-old distracted driver is a decent person and yet today his distractedness changed the life of a young man, his family and a community who surround him. I am praying for Dan tonight. I am praying for the distracted driver and I am praying for all who are impacted by yet another accident…

I am committed again to not being a distracted driver. I can say I have made improvements over the years, but I continue to fight the temptation to multi task while driving. It is never wise and as reminded in the circumstances of today, life can change for many, in a fleeting moment.

If you are not a distracted driver, I commend you!

If you are a distracted driver, won’t you join me in this commitment today!


Calvin College officials tonight confirmed that a 17-year-old critically injured in a crash along Chicago Drive today is the son of Kevin Vande Streek, the men’s basketball coach.

Daniel Vande Streek’s injuries were not immediately known, but police said he was critically injured in the 1:15 p.m. crash and pinned for 30 minutes in the van he was driving.

The college’s sports information director, Jeff Febus, tonight had no other details about Daniel Vande Streek’s condition.

Daniel Vande Streek’s Facebook page shows that he attends Unity Christian High School.

Ottawa County sheriff’s deputies said the 38-year-old driver of the pick up truck was distracted while looking for papers when he ran a red light at Chicago Drive and 18th Avenue and slammed broadside into the van.

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  1. Oh My! Need to be in prayer for that whole situation, and take the remnder to pay full attention while behind the wheel.

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