Two years ago….

I carried a puppy into my house and then into the great outdoors over and over and over again, each time wondering how long it would take to house break this cute chocolate lab….. Today my puppy rings the bell when she needs to go out. What a difference two years makes!

I slept next to a crate while a dog whimpered throughout the night wondering who I was…tonight my puppy greeted me at the door with a wagging tail and grin as only a lab can. And she sleeps at the foot of my bed every night….so much for my thought that my dog would always be kenneled at night and when I am away…What a difference two years makes!

I wondered what I was going to do with my new puppy everyday when I went to work….today she comes to the office every day and greets caregivers appropriately to their affection shown towards her. What a difference two years makes!

I have written before about the lessons learned from Dutchess. I am thankful I made that compulsive decision to bring a dog into my home. I thought my puppy would enjoy playing with Suzi and Andy’s dog Sparky. In light of Sparky’s untimely death, Dutch allows the kids to grow up with the fun of a dog, but the parents not having the stress of three kids AND a dog!

I want to share a link for those of you who are dog lovers. I always smile when I watch it and can’t quite believe that it resonates with some truth for me. In my head I wonder if this is sputton (Sacrilegious; not displaying the socially expected reverence for implicitly sacred ideals. Dutch or Dutch-American slang of sorts)…in my heart it just makes sense!

Take a look and enjoy!        Dog and God

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