So fun to be 11…

Happy Birthday to Ellie Grace. The youngest of five, Ellie is filled with spunk and spirit. She almost always has a smile and seems to enjoy her day-to-day life no matter what it holds. Ellie has a heart that is sensitive and cares deeply for others. She is creative, hard-working, resourceful and funny. I have to say that when I think of my times with ellie-bellie, the word DELIGHTFUL rings loud and clear!

Ellie loves to be outdoors and has a passion for horses, along with her sister Anneliese. They share many fun times riding or scooping or showing their horses at Fair. Ellie is the kind of kid who is truly as happy to clean up after the horse as  spend time riding it. She finds joy in many circumstances.

Ellie loves her siblings. She has a way with each of them and I believe each of them have a shared admiration and love for her. When Ellie and I spend one on one time together she is often bragging about something Janneke, Henry, Anne or Karolyn has recently accomplished. She is a great youngest child.

When I took time today to look up what Ellie means, I was touched by the meaning….

meaning of Ellie is “noble, exalted; sun ray, shining light;

meaning of Grace is “favor; blessing”.

Ellie Grace, you are a shining light in our world. You bring much blessing and I can’t wait to see what God has for you in the coming days and years. I am thankful for your commitment to live a life of faith and following Christ. You are loved deeply by your family. Always be yourself, risk loving deeply, even when it hurts and never lose your voice of compassion or your tender heart. Remember that to take care of your own needs is as important as caring for others and know that I will always stand ready to welcome you into my arms, my home and my heart!

Celebrate  life and live well my wonderful and delightful niece! 

All my love,

Aunt Trish

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I am on a life long journey to live with integrity, honesty, kindness and full of grace.

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  1. What a treasure that your nieces and nephews have in you as their Aunt! How special that you bless them with these written words. Good for you for being the steadfast encourager in their lives!

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